UNITE Source Code Repository Directory


This is a documentation project for the UNITE Source Code Repository. It provides a directory to the other projects that comprise the Repository.

UNITE, Inc. is an association for users of Unisys computer systems. The Source Code Repository is a library of freely-available software donated by member organizations and other interested parties. The Repository is oriented primarily towards Unisys MCP and OS2200 systems, but contributions for any system produced or supported by Unisys are welcome.

Individual projects are maintained by the software donors or their designees. Please visit the individual projects for information on participation in the project or support for the software the project provides.

MCP Projects:

Contributed by Paul Kimpel of Paradigm Corporation, 2009-09-12.
A utility for Unisys MCP systems that recursively copies whole directories of source files from MCP file systems to SMB/CIFS shared directories. The source is converted to standard text files in PWB (Programmers Workbench) format.
MCP Tape Label Logger
Contributed by Paul Kimpel of Paradigm Corporation, 2009-08-31.
A utility for recording tape label information for Unisys MCP systems. It is a small program that runs continuously, capturing tape volume creation events in an ISAM (KEYEDIOII) file for later analysis and reporting.
Metalogic PDF Library
Contributed by Ian Patterson of Metalogic S..R.L., 2010-08-10.
An Algol application library designed to allow the creation of native PDF files sourced from data, symbolic and print files on Unisys MCP systems.
The Paradigm Futilities
Contributed by Paul Kimpel of Paradigm Corporation, 2010-05-19.
A collection of miscellaneous utility programs, server libraries, and sample source code for Unisys MCP systems.

OS2200 Projects:

OS2200 @ZIP Utility
Contributed by Greg Schweizer, 2009-09-22.
This utility is for OS2200 systems. ZIP is a fast read-only text processor that can read SDF format files and elements, ALAT and TIP TPM logs, and any 2200 sector-formatted file in block mode.

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